Sunday, July 3, 2011

What the FUCK!?!?!?!?!?!

I have blogged about my friend Ken, he is the man who dresses as a woman.

Well, he came by my work Friday he usually does, and there was another man in the store who was buying movies. Well, he started to come up to the counter for me to get him his movies, and he wouldn't stand to close to Ken, and when Ken walked away he said "I didn't want to get too close" Are you serious???

I mean, in the day and age that we live in, you'd think that most people would understand that not everyone is the same and that it doesn't matter how another person chooses to live their life, they are still a person...and it isn't contagious!!!!!

The other WTF!! Moment of my night Friday night was when two young girls came in and one of them was carrying a pumpkin seat!!! Yeah a baby!! In an adult store!! I told the one girl, carrying the seat, "the baby can't be in here" she said, "are you serious? He's only 3 weeks old" Um, yeah I was serious...there is a sing on the door....a HUGE sign that says No children of ANY AGE.....I don't get why people think that would be ok and I also don't see why anyone would want to bring a baby into an adult store to begin with.

I swear the stupidity of people amazes me!!! Some people should not be able to reproduce!!!!!

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  1. ^ I wouldas told her this to her face. "Why would you even bring a child in an adult stor ein the first place?" If her baby is 3 weeks old, she should be at home spending time with her child, NOT in a frikkin porn store!