Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So, I worked last night, obviously and this guy came in around 9pm and tried to return a movie, and then left, I went to scan the movie to check it back in and it was a movie from Family Video....not our store.

I run outside to tell him that it was a family video movie and he says "I'm so fucking High!! Too much Koosh (SP?)" I was like ok and he left...I found out Koosh is apparently Hydroponic Pot, very strong and  long lasting....I didn't know that...

But really??? Why would you tell a stranger that shit?? I mean come on...I could have been a cop for all he knew....I wasn't but still....this is the same thing as people telling me shit they wouldn't normally share with another person because they think that they are invisible...

You guys have heard about the customer that we have come on who is a man dressing as a woman, well, I have become friends with her, she is very nice and I like her very much. My husband on the other hand, doesn't like it very much. He thinks that she has a thing for me....I don't think so, I think that she is nice to me because I don't judge her, I have no reason to, but I don't think that she gets treated normally very often and it's a big deal that I do. She even remembered my birthday and brought me a card.

Nothing else really going on as of right now....but, I work again tonight, so I'm sure there will be more!!!


  1. Your husband is an idiot if he thinks a gay male that dresses like a woman has a thing for you.

    Ken is just very nice. I worked with him for a year and even went to his house before. He will give anyone anything and will help anyone without expecting anything in return. He is a great guy. And yes I say "he" because I knew him as a he. I've only seen him dressed up in pictures. However, if he would want me to refer to him as a she, I would. :)

  2. It's "kush". I read it every now and again written one place or another.